What is Gloss It?

Intuitive and collaborative glossary management

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What is Gloss It?

Gloss It is a collaborative platform that belongs to the so-called CAT tools (Computer Assisted Translation tools)

Gloss It allows you to manage glossaries in an intuitive and collaborative way to increase the quality of the final text and improve the productivity of all the people involved in the project.

We live in the 21st century, the era of digitalization, Artificial Intelligence, Globalization and Internationalization... and translation in all fields is more important than ever. The translation industry has been adapting to technological innovations for many years and has not been left behind.

The human element

There is no doubt that technology has evolved at a dizzying pace in just a few decades and that computers and AI have substantially improved the work of translators in their projects.

Even so, we should not forget that in the field of translation there is no computer or software that can replace human intervention (at least, for now).

Language is so complex that creativity and professional experience are essential to extract the nuances to the words of other languages and find the best translation and adaptation to the language you want to translate to.

The human element

Gloss It makes your glossaries better organized and accessible to everyone involved in the translation process of any text, no matter how big or small it is.

Why Gloss It?

Why Gloss It?

Gloss It ensures the consistency of terms as a core of the translation, adding the review and acceptance of glossary terms before reviewing the entire text.

This way the basis of a good translation will be approved in advance and will save you headaches in post-editing and proofreading.

Glossary Quality Control

Gloss It helps to improve your translations because it ensures quality control of the basis of any translation: the glossary. The terminology base of any translation project is fundamental for its correct execution.

Consistency of the translated text

After the translation process itself, comes another very important task: proofreading, in which the style, spelling and grammar of the translated text will be checked. Should the proofreader be concerned about the consistency of the text? The answer is no.

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