We’re celebrating the release of our brand-new Gloss It tool – Text Checker, our term finder!

As you know, Gloss It is an online terminology management tool that allows you to update your glossaries in a scalable, intuitive, and collaborative way. We developed Gloss It with you in mind, translation professionals who work with creative texts. For those who don’t feel the benefits of CAT tools but need to use glossaries and specific terminology extracted from commercial names, transmedia sagas, fictional universes, board games, RPG manuals and so on.

Gloss It allows you to update your glossaries immediately for the whole team. It also provides a simple approval process to find out the status of each term. Therefore, we avoid human errors derived, for instance, from accidentally checking an old version of the glossary. We also save time for all parties involved in the project – we avoid the need to specifically send each new amendment to managers, translators, editors, and proof-readers, among others.

Terminology Detector

Thanks to Text Checker, you will be able to locate all the terms in a project easily and quickly. All you need to do is to introduce the source text in the tool. Then, Text Checker will highlight all the terms in the text that are contained in the glossary! With our new function, you can focus 100% on the composition, as Text Checker will flag all terms for you, so you won’t need to interrupt your creative process to check if a word is in the glossary. Moreover, our tool ensures a higher degree of terminology consistency and QC for your editors and project managers – a priceless relief and assurance for everyone!

Advantages of Text Checker

We’re sure you’re wondering what exactly Text Checker has to offer: this tool will “hunt” all the terminology present in the source text for you, by checking it against the glossary. The process is quite simple: you just need to upload the source file, or you can also paste the text into a box enabled in the UI (up to 5,000 characters) and that’s it! Gloss It will do the rest for you. Here are some of the characteristics of Text Checker. This tool will:

  • highlight in yellow the terms in the text that are present in the glossary;

  • add the translation in brackets next to the term;

  • include a direct link to the search results of the term;

  • use a colour code to identify the status of the term at a glance (approved, pending approval, duplicate and so on);

  • allow the direct substitution of the source term by its corresponding translation;

  • support several file formats (TXT, DOC, DOCX, RTF, ODT), including the oh-so frightening PDF (editable text only);

  • fix line breaks in PDF and TXT;

  • allow you to choose the format of the downloadable highlighted file;

  • contain an upload history and you can delete files individually. Text Checker only stores information in our servers to reprocess it in case of errors, and only upon user request. Forget about confidentiality issues: you, and only you will have access to the data introduced in Text Checker.

Beta Free Version

Do you remember that super long project in which you had to stop every five minutes to check the existing terminology? Or that other one for which you didn’t have the last updated version of the glossary, that the client “kindly asked you” to check that everything was aligned with the latest amendments? These are just some examples of the struggle we aim to save you with Gloss It and our new term hunter.

We just launched a free beta version of Text Checker on our platform for all our users. We encourage you to use it in your upcoming projects and tell us your thoughts. Don’t worry, as per usual, any information that you introduce in your Gloss It tool is completely confidential.

If you still aren’t a part of the Gloss It Family, create your free account now and enjoy all its benefits. Remember that you can get a copy of our Gloss It Resource Guide for Translators for free by subscribing to our newsletter! Let us know if you need extra functionalities – we have subscription plans for all budgets. You can also contact us for a customized plan that adapts to your needs.

What are you waiting for? Text Checker won’t always be a free service and we want you to take advantage of its benefits before it’s too late! Share your comments on social networks, too. We love reading your messages!