In Gloss It we have been completely silent for a while, and that is because we have been more than a year without any kind of communication. But you don't think we've been on vacation in the Caribbean... We haven't stopped during all this time!

In the last months we have been working very hard to enhance our application. We have incorporated new functionalities and advanced more and more in the development of a tool that allows us to perform quality creative translations in the shortest possible time. And above all, we have been striving to improve your experience with us as much as possible.

“Little changes can make a big difference”


A very appropriate phrase at the point where we are at Gloss It....

For some time we will be carrying out small actions that together will mean a global change for Gloss It in particular, and for the world of translation in general.

Continue reading to learn about the progress we have already made and will continue to make.

  • Logo transformation
  • Improved blog
  • Public glossaries
  • New tools

Logo transformation

In order to show you that we are really back with a bang, one of the first changes we have made has been on our logo, the image that identifies us unmistakably. This upgrade undoubtedly leads to a new Gloss It.

Evolution of the Gloss It logo

What we are looking for with this type of improvement is to refresh Gloss It's corporate image in all areas. Our main goal is to offer you an unbeatable experience while you enjoy our services to make your translations as efficient as possible.

This is the first minor modification of many more to come. The scope of the changes ranges from the corporate website to the application itself, including optimizing the documentation in order to provide you with as much help as possible.

Improved blog

We have changed the layout of the blog with the intention of achieving a more modern and up-to-date aesthetic. We will soon start publishing regular articles that will undoubtedly be of great value to improve your day-to-day work as a translator. We will offer you tips, tricks and tools to boost your career and professional development to the maximum. We will also keep you informed about all the latest news in the world of translation.

Pay close attention to us because we are preparing some really interesting posts 馃槈.

Public glossaries

Surely you already know Gloss It (if not, what are you waiting for to register?). Gloss It is the tool designed especially for you in order to manage glossaries in a simple and much more efficient way.

Gloss It allows you to add contributors to your glossaries so that they can call on it for their translations or add new terms and modify them. Until now, this was the only way to share a glossary with more people, but this has changed...

馃殌 With the latest added feature you can create public glossaries. You no longer have to invite hundreds of contributors to your glossary. Now you can simply publish a glossary on your website, virtual classroom, application or blog to share it with whomever you need.

Hurry up! Try this new facility now to become one of the first users to create and publish a glossary.

New tools

2023 comes full of new releases and news from Gloss It!

We are currently developing three innovative tools that will undoubtedly transform the world of translation, especially in the creative sector.

It is well known that creative translations are the most complicated to perform in an automated way due to the great complexity of human language. With our technological advances this will no longer be an impossible mission.

Our mission is not to eliminate the translator's job, but to create a tool that makes his or her work as easy as possible and enhances his or her productivity and quality.

Three tools are coming soon to Gloss It

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