The translation process goes through different phases, with different people involved in the process. In the same way, the terms in a glossary go through different stages, which are managed by different people. They are the Collaborators.

Collaborators are divided into roles, whose permissions allow them to carry out certain actions on the terms.


Translators are mainly responsible for adding new terms to the glossary as they translate a text. This is what they can do:

  • Add new terms.
  • Add new sources, categories and tags.
  • Edit sources, categories, tags and notes of an existing term.
  • Import new terms massively.
  • Export the terms.
  • Mark his own terms as reviewed (viewed).
  • Indicate that a term requires discussion (is doubtful).


Reviewers are responsible for approving the translators' terms, as well as for adding new terms (sometimes the same Collaborator translates his own texts and reviews those of his colleagues). Therefore, in addition to what the translator can do, they can also:

  • Edit pending terms from both the source and target languages.
  • Accept terms.
  • Reject terms.
  • Mark terms as doubtful.
  • Resolve doubtful terms.


Coordinators are mainly responsible for managing the team of Collaborators. There can be as many Coordinators per glossary as the administrator wants, although it is more common to have one coordinator for each target language.

In addition to acting as translators and reviewers, they can carry out the following tasks:

  • Edit all terms, even approved ones.
  • Delete terms.
  • Add new languages.
  • Activate and deactivate languages.
  • Edit the glossary name.
  • Invite other Collaborators.
  • Activate and deactivate Collaborators (other than himself, the admin or other coordinators).
  • Change languages assigned to translators and reviewers.
  • Edit tags.
  • Disable tags.


Administrators own the glossaries, and therefore they are the only ones who can remove them.

Usually, an Admin invites a Collaborator to the glossary and changes the role to Coordinator to take care of the management.


The only way to build a team of Collaborators is by sharing the invitation link that Administrators and Coordinators can find in the glossary settings. This has been done for security reasons, so that no one who has not been invited can access the glossary, and so that no one can be added to a glossary if they do not wish to do so.

You should be very careful when sharing this link, avoiding doing it in social networks or public blogs.

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